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About me

‘Too long; didn’t read’?
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Key facts

  • My name is Alexander Golovanov, though my colleagues call me Shurik.
  • I have a great experience in top commercial video production, and I studied and worked in London to bring my skills even further.
  • My film has been screened at the Cannes, and is pending at London Short Film Festival.
  • I won a bunch of runner-up prizes at Mofilm.
  • Viral videos I directed went over half a million views.
  • I did music videos, short films, documentaries... Oh hell, too many genres to mention.
  • I am great at directing, fluent at editing, good at VFX, camera and lights, basically I am a human swiss army knife for video production.
  • I’ve got my team. Various teams, in fact, for various projects. Guys from UK included.
  • I have two academic degrees: a qualification in crisis management and a Master degree in journalism.
  • I have a lovely cat named Henrietta (see her pics below).

I have been a passionate and devoted director since I was thirteen, but I also perfected in editing and camera along the way. I love telling stories. I love feeling the vibe and the pulse of an edit. I love capturing viewers’ attention. I love accomplishing the task in the most concise and beautiful way.

I have great experience in video production, as I had been working in one of the top Moscow production companies for almost three years. I was studying in London Film Academy as well, which greatly improved my skill and understanding of what making a video should be like.

If you want to know my story better, here is my bio.

Directing & Writing

Everyone’s a filmmaker these days. But what about directing? What about communicating with actors, agency, production staff? It’s all vitally important to get a good result, especially when it comes to anything that has a certain aim and value. This is something I can definitely do, yet there is always space for self-perfection.

I started to write short stories when I was six. Then I continued with novels and later poems and songs. But my genuine passion is for writing for video preproduction. This includes scripts, synopses, concepts, treatments and other stuff. Since I have a master degree in journalism, I’m also a professional in a field of writing and editing. But there’s more than a skill, it’s a matter of heart.

DoAP (Director of Amazing Photography)

Light is essentially what makes a picture come to life, this is the paintbrush and the paint of film and photo. I’m fascinated, if not obsessed, with the way light works. I really enjoy DoP and gaffering jobs. If you see a low-budget film that is beautifully lit, check the credits: it might be me who lit it.

I’ve got a varied experience with all kinds of cameras. Arri Alexa? Sure. Red Epic? Of course. Canon C300, Sony Cinealta, XDCAM, HDV cams—whatever your production requires, I can handle that camera. More interestingly, however, I can load, set and shoot with a film camera. I shot with Arri 16mm cameras, but my general experience enables me to use any other.


Nowadays using a DSLR is essential to be called a ‘filmmaker’. But I know much more than where a record button is located on a camera body. I love to actually take pictures with my photo camera, and I have already shot more than 100k of these. After all, the only way to understand how lens, framing and light behaves is to shoot it. I draw my inspiration from photography.

Editing & Post

I’m a pro video editor with experience in music videos, commercials, films, documentaries and, well, everything else. I prefer Adobe Premiere Pro, but I can fluently use Final Cut or Avid Media Composer. I have a great knowledge of After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and the whole Creative Cloud. I also compose music in Propellerhead Reason. Post-production is on me, folks.


Henrietta the Cat

Henrietta Kashka Karbonara, born in March 2011, is the cat that lives in my flat in Moscow. Not only she’s the spirit of my home, she’s also my feline friend and a mascot of Watercat (the name under which I release self-produced videos). The latter name comes from her habit of playing with water running from a tap. She’s often referred to as simply ‘koshka’ or ‘koshak’, which means ‘a cat’ in Russian.

More cat pics, please!

Favourite Music Videos

Just like some would name their favourite films and directors, I’ve put down a list with some of the most inspiring music videos I have seen.

I love music videos. Despite the fact that they have always been considered somewhat not as prestigious as commercials yet not quite as arty as films, I think that the genre is unique and overwhelmingly interesting. It’s simply underestimated. If I ever come to write my Doctor’s thesis, it will probably be something about the history of music videos.

Check it out

Thoughts and projects

The Variety

The carefully picked random shots. Currently the project is on hold.

One hundred thousand shots later

In Russian. My notes on photography.


In Russian. When I write a post about about video and film production on Facebook, I tag it so.


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  • My usual nickname is “homeodor”.
  • References

  • London Film Academy
  • I studied here.

  • Hype Production
  • used to be my employer.