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This website was created and is maintained by Alexander “Shurik” Golovanov, further referred to as “me”.

All of the videos presented should be considered as used for representational purposes only. I may not own a copyright for certain works, but I may own for some others. All photos, texts etc are © me.

The logos on the logo wall are used ONLY to illustrate the companies I have done work for, often via production houses and/or agencies. This cannot be interpreted as any other kind of connection between me and the company, and doesn’t imply any kind of endorsement or support whatsoever. I mean, don’t be stupid. It’s pure boasting, not trying to fake something. Also, the logos are placed in a random order each time.

Cat likeness belongs to Henrietta Kashka Carbonana.

This website uses a modified image of laurel wreath from Open Clipart. If you like it, please use it.

This website makes use of Fotorama, augmented with Ambilite.

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